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Train Chikan Gets Off: “I Was Pickpocketing!”


A man caught groping a woman on the train has managed to get off scot-free by claiming that he was actually attempting to pickpocket another passenger entirely, certain to soon become the next widely used excuse by train chikan everywhere.

The supposed thief testified that he tried to reach into the bag of a passenger in front of him, but as he reached his hand out, the train shook and caused him to accidentally rub the midsection of a nearby woman instead – a story that many are naturally finding difficult to believe.

The court however deemed the man innocent of any inappropriate groping – with the decision being due to the woman’s testimony having transforming from her being groped for 30 seconds down to 3, and her admission that the perpetrator apologized immediately after the touch occurred, which the judge conceded the woman could have misconstrued as an “admittance” of his groping her.

Consistently denying the charges of molestation, the accused man had started insisting he was attempting to steal from another passenger mid-way through the trial, possibly in an attempt to shift his charges to ones carryinh a much lighter consequence (train-groping carried a maximum of 2 years imprisonment, versus 6 months tops for mere filching).

Net dwellers were naturally quite surprised by the results of the incident:

“Huh? What is this?”

“That guy just found a hell of a loophole.”

“Can’t anyone just say there were rubbing a woman looking for something to steal?”

“Seriously? Pickpocketing is a lighter crime than molesting?”

“Looks like this guy will have a nice holiday dinner in jail before going free.”

“If the punishment for pickpocketing were heavier I would have believed him.”

Whether the authorities will actually attempt to charge him for attempted petty theft is not clear.

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