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Sankaku iOS App for iPhone, iPad Launched

Sankaku App iOS (5)

iPhone and iPad users can now access Sankaku Channel from their mobile devices with the first public release of the iOS edition of the Sankaku App.

The app is freely available from Apple’s App Store now.

Apple’s content guidelines of course mean that by default the app can only display filtered content suitable for minors, puritans and feminists – though this stringent filter can be completely disabled for testing or something by logging in to Sankaku Channel with a browser, and unchecking the ‘filter content’ option in the account in question’s user settings page.

Sankaku App iOS (1)

Sankaku App iOS (2)

Sankaku App iOS (3)

Sankaku App iOS (4)

Sankaku App iOS (5)

Sankaku App iOS (6)

Sankaku App iOS (7)

Sankaku App iOS (8)

As the initial version of the iOS app, it is not yet feature complete. Feature parity with the Android version is planned, starting with some of the most essential omissions, so future updates should see some significant enhancements.

The Android app’s various versions are of course still available too.

Questions or suggestions, complaints or comments, all are welcome!

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