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Chopstick Penis Insertion Man “Too Shy” To See Doc


A man who shoved a chopstick down his urethra has been hospitalized in one of the more bizarre and inexplicable examples of Chinese penis abuse in recent years.

Upon discovering blood in his urine, the man concocted the genius idea of shoving a 17cm stainless steel chopstick down his penis in order to better cure or comprehend his condition, only to (unsurprisingly) create another as the eating utensil soon became stuck within his urethra.

Left with no other option, the man sought medical attention to get the obstruction removed (hopefully acquiring a diagnosis on his initial problem as well) and has revealed that he was “too shy” to consult a doctor in the first place, instead choosing to take matters into his own hands.

An X-ray depicting the forcibly inserted chopstick:


The scan had shown the chopstick reaching the man’s rectal wall, a severe turn of events that could have potentially led to his death if the instrument were pushed any farther – likely a rather more serious issue than whatever first ailed him.

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