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Top 20 Anime Songs of the 00’s Sung by Men


Much like the female variant, this ranking has sought to ascertain the songs sung by male vocalists from the first decade of the new millenium that voters like above all others, with one highly revered action series proving itself to have the best chemistry with voters.

The ranking:

1. Melissa (Fullmetal Alchemist)

2. Colors (Code Geass)

3. Kasabuta (Gash Bell)

4. INVOKE (Gundam SEED)

5. Reckless Fire (s-CRY-ed)

6. GO!! (Naruto)

7. Makka na Chikai (Busou Renkin)

8. Karma (Tales of the Abyss)

9. ignited (Gundam SEED DESTINY)

10. O2 (Code Geass)

11. Donten (Gintama)

12. Rewrite (Fullmetal Alchemist)

13. Kokoro-e (Major)

14. Gekkouka (Blackjack)

15. vestige (Gundam Seed Destiny)

16. Dive in the Sky (Planetes)

17. Go For It! (Immortal Grand Prix)

18. Fire!! (Digimon Frontier)

19. Days (Eureka 7)

20. Ano Natsu no Time Machine (Natsume’s Book of Friends)

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