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  • wtf is wrong with toriyama? vegito god blue is so fucken weak he didnt even finish off zamasu. and wtf is trunks? he is a half saiyan but gets the god aura but isnt a god and his puny spirit sword kills zamasu? piece of shit anime is fucken confused. toriyama doesnt know what hes doing with super. it should die just like GT

  • I got the feeling Vegito Blue only arrived in the anime so they could get people to go buy the toy since the character exists now. You could cut him out of that episode completely and not really miss much.

  • R-I-F-T i know you dont like DB but I doubt its ‘desperate’ considering its easily one of the most popular airing shows right now. In terms of ratings its second to One Piece and they even tied at one point

    • Ending is actually pretty suitable when you think about it. Its Trunks’ arc so it makes sense that he ends it especially if what Zamasu said was true in that it was Trunks’ time hopping during the android saga that caused all this

      • I agree. Yeah, the pseudo-spirit bomb thing was a bit out of nowhere, but the fact that Trunks got to finish Zamasu off fits, and I ultimately like that it wasn’t simply the overwhelming power of Vegito that beat Zamasu.

  • MorpheusTheUnlucky says:

    To make matters worst (As if his long absence from the main series wasn’t enough.) Apparently, toriyama stated that the Pothala fusion isn’t permanent, It only last

    • Toriyama only provides rough and brief plot summary that outlines the next arc, not full on stories or scripts or massive details.

      Tori anime staff fleshes out the story more and it established they don’t really work well with communicating with the qpauthor, it was established they would take on the plot summary, but they would work and process it like they did with GT.

      For all we know, Toriyama might have wrote, they fused but there is a time limit and could not defeat zamasu. And Toriyama actually had Gogeta in mind not vegito

    • For kaioshins is permanent, but lasts one hour when fusing other enities. Anyway, this is absolutely possible, remember that kaioshin and kibito didn’t knew about the capacities of the pohtara, only the old kaioshin knew about the fusion, and is possible he even didn’t know the 1 hour limitation for non kaioshins. And the fusion split already happened before when vegetto fought super boo.

      • Alternatively, the Supreme Kai could’ve modified the potara earrings after the Buu Saga to add that limitation, then lied that it was always there. Considering that Goku and Vegeta were already stronger than him, Vegito must’ve scared the shit out of him (even if Goku is good, and Vegeta is good but a jerk, the mere possibility of someone that powerful existing is enough to warrant a change; after all, the only character that would’ve been able to stand up to someone on Vegito’s level is Beerus, and that would require waking him up). So, it’s liable that the Kais either redesigned the potaras to limit mortal fusions, or used the Super Dragon Balls to do it (perhaps Kibito Kai defusing back into Kibito & the Supreme Kai was even meant to hint that Super Balls are able to override potaras).

      • MorpheusTheUnlucky says:

        So all of this time (almost) The entire world got fooled by the pothala rules and in the end we never got to think about the possibilities of this actually being logical…Then i gotta give you credit, In the end i do admit that it made more sense now, either way, I still find it ridiculous, We (I mean us, The rest of the world.) Didn’t though about that.

  • Now all I want to see is the strongest character in all universe and that is Super Saiyan God Gogeto 4,so that’s a fusion between super saiyan god 4 Vegito and super saiyan god 4 Gogeta.Not even 1 million prime superman could even touch him.