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Teacher Fired for School Trip Whoring


An elementary school teacher whose extracurricular activities on a school trip to Osaka included sampling the local delihel services has been fired.

The teacher ordered the prostitute from one of the many “delivery health” services located throughout Japan, but the prostitute he procured herself contacted police to lodge a complaint against the teacher (for what reason is not clear – although non-payment or similar disagreements seem a common cause of such problems), causing his inappropriate actions to be exposed and landing him in hot water.

The desperate teacher offered a tearful apology stating that he regretted his decision while also apologizing to the children and their parents, despite his otherwise discrete mongering antics being hard on the down low.

The school principal felt compelled to dismiss the uncontrollably amorous educator, also receiving a stern warning from police in the process; the principal for his part assured them that such incidents “will be prevented” in the future.

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