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Woman Forcibly Foot Licked For 30 Minutes


Kyoto has become the location for another bizarre happening as a woman has been locked inside a man’s car and had her foot forcibly licked for half an hour, with possibly the oddest fact being that the event could be tied to 5 other similar incidents…

A 56-year-old foot fetishist lured the unsuspecting woman into his car (at midnight, no less) by asking her to lend him a hand in fixing his car brakes, where she was then thrown into the driver’s seat and had her sandals ripped off as the perverse man lathered her sole in saliva.

This violation allegedly continued for an entire 30 minutes before the man had his fill, allowing her to vacate the vehicle and properly thanking her for the “meal”, though the woman has stated that she could not actually leave due to the man clasping her ankle and because she was barefoot.

Upon police interrogation, the desperate man – now charged with indecent assault – claimed that he “could not remember” the encounter at all, though police have pinned their other foot-licking cases files on him as the “foot licker man”.

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