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Four Goddesses Online: “Neptune Returns!”




The Neptunia franchise has unleashed a trailer for its next greatest iteration, “Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune“, focusing solely on the hyperactive Neptune and her proud position of “holy knight” and seemingly promising plenty of adorable RPG action and sultry service.

The trailer, which (of course) stars beloved heroine Neptune:

The game’s soundtrack was also previewed:

Utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 4, Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune will make its way to the PS4 on February 9th.

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  • コマエダ・ナギト says:

    Really wishing for, somehow, PS Vita version…

    I was happy when I heard this from Twitter, but at the same time, sad because I don’t have a PS4…

    I don’t have the money to buy one, and even if I do, I don’t have a proper place to put it and I have to then buy the game.

  • So legitimate question. Are these really at all decent? And I don’t mean cute girls or anything like that, I played the first one and platinumed it just because I do that. But it was essentially a chore by the end rather than an accomplishment.

    Compile Hearts games have by and large seemed barren of creativity or purpose. I can understand treating them as sort of visual novel with gameplay possibly for enjoyment, but have they sincerely and objectively become games with at least decent plots and characters? Are the games anything more than vehicles for the characters to be fanservice? They’re cute yes, but they feel so forced and I don’t like that, they can be naturally cute without much effort by the writers.

    • So much pointless discussion…
      We all know what these games are about. If that’s your stuff, enjoy! Don’t like it? Don’t buy it!

      There are plenty of games out there. Sane people choose what entertains them, that’s all. They don’t care about the size of the studio or their creativity or if the game is regarded as “shovelware” by angry people on the internet. I recommend you do the same.

    • Trust me, they wouldn’t have made so many neptunia games if they weren’t successful, when u play long enough you get sucked in and see the different personalities of the main characters, they may seen blown off the water for you but these kind of games are very successful in their homeland, I was skeptical at first too after hearing ao much about these “neptunia” games but when I got my hands on them I permenantly became a fan.

    • Post the first game, each sequel got pretty dark story. Not Gen Urobuchi/Naoki Urasawa-level stuff of course, but it definitely made the game more well-rounded rather than just being a fanservice-fest.

    • Mk.II/rebirth 2 is a little bland, but the multiple endings is worth it to a certain degree. victory/rebirth 3 is pretty good overall and victory II/VII continues the trend. the spinoffs like the zombie one, noire and blanc stories are a bit more on the casual side- so you know what to expect.

      this one is a another spinoff based on the MMO vert’s playing in-game. still no further details yet as to what’s available in it so it’s too early to pass a judgment on it.

    • Well why must be at all decent then can appreciate it? It is a small game studio, they can’t make game like Witcher 3 level, instead they focus on fan service, which is their target audience. Yeah I played the first one and it is a chore as you need to grind to level up, the story is slow, which they need to improve.

      I know there are tons of moe/cute haters and SJW, and these days even these niche games have more appearance to mainstream, and as they touched these games they triggered hard. I just hope that the game developer not pandering to them by remove all the fun.

      • Here’s my problem. People allowing forgiveness for something that has nothing to do with studio size and thinking that being a small studio is forgivable for pointless storyline and laziness. Moe can exist alongside creativity and amusement. Don’t foolishly think it’s either Indy or Witcher 3, that’s not reality.

        You can make it better than that and it really takes not much effort for even a partially decent professional writer. I could have even woken up from a 2 hour night sleep and written better material than the first game had if someone called me that moment with the project. I don’t mean that as an ego boost or even as an exaggeration, I got out of the shower yesterday and had come up with a deeper plot with more interesting characters after having just daydreamed about the Neptunia concept (which is why I’m a bit surprised this was posted). There’s no reason they couldn’t have done better.

        It really isn’t that hard, you can literally follow a 3-act default story to a T, and have a better plot than that game. You could have kept the cute characters easily, and made them better and grow more as characters, and it would have made them that much more cute and lovable. The ‘fanservice’ would have been then even more nice to see for characters we liked like Highschool DxD. A ‘classic’ plot isn’t a bad plot, just something people come to expect. Cross Edge was a superior game for example, just had true asshole elements in its design that had no reason to be there.

        • That too is wrong. Fate/Stay Night told a superb story as a visual novel. Trying to pretend that just because they have images of the characters it can’t be a deeper plot has been proven repeatedly to be incorrect.

          If you are saying you intentionally want bland, then that’s why they get away with it. I like cute girls, but it’s so empty and pointless. Have they actually done anything in all these games that makes a contiguous world where the games have anything to do with each other and grown as a universe?

        • They need to tell the story through the game, and unless you have a lot more money to draw hot animation with powerful deep bass sound effect, this is what they have choose to. You can see they only have 2D characters standing like virtual novel speaking to each other.
          Yes I would like the story to be more exciting of course. Their story are quite bland and casual.

          As the targeted audience want is cute girl do cute things, it is great that they fulfill this part, that’s why they have a fan based and overwhelmed praise which some may find “Are these really at all decent?” like you.

  • Neptune is so great! First video 0:23 for her is absolute the best fan service I have seen in these few years. Her hair is a bit unnatural though, looks like put too much hair gel.
    Can’t wait, why all great games all on next year February/March.