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Osamu Tezuka Secret Ero-Art Revealed: “He Was a Furry”


Legendary deceased mangaka Osamu Tezuka has been discovered not to be as child-friendly as some had thought with the publication of some of his secret erotic illustrations in Shincho Magazine, possibly causing many of his fans to think differently of the rat-obsessed man.

A cache of about 200 illustrations were initially discovered in 2014 by Osamu Tezuka’s eldest daughter, some of which were erotic in nature – since then, she saw fit to publishing 29 of these hidden gems (specifically the erotic ones) to show the entire world her father’s “furry fantasies”:




According to his family, the sketchy sketches were locked away in a drawer that was missing its key ever since Osamu Tezuka had passed on, possibly an attempt to keep his secrets hidden away from all…

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