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Sabaku no Kishi: “A Desert Dilemma!”




Revered animation studio Gainax has partnered with Arabian content company ARiNAT to create an Arabian-themed anime entitled Sabaku no Kishi (Desert Knight), a rather unheard of combination that may at least boast promising novelty despite its uncertain premise.

Sabaku no Kishi’s compelling trailer, which is unfortunately devoid of voice-acting:

For those who would prefer Arabic subtitles:

No air date has been mentioned for the unique collaboration.

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  • Let Gainax handle muslim themes like they handle christian believes, and the next fatwa will ask for the eradication of japan.

    christians made me accept peaceful religions. Islam made me hate religions all over again.
    Religion is for fools who want to be fooled by their “imams”, “priests” or “rabbies”.

  • In Germany turkish muslims are doing the same as in middle east. They control lifes of their childrens. No freedom. Only opression. I see it everyday, working with them. Arabian content in anime? OK, but with Yaoi and lolis.

  • I’m not Arab, but I’ve never been one to really care about race. I have a lot of different cultures in my DNA. It’s funny people never really know, I just had to pick something to identify as. The funny thing it’s nice to see what people will view you as, or what doors it might open when they don’t really know.

      • No one can control how you feelabout yourself in your own head and what you feel like being. You’re right that, at least at a bare minimum, we should see ourselves and others as human beings first, but to deny any diversity beyond that would be to deny reality. Differences need to be seen, understood, and accepted (providing they’re reasonable). We all come from different past experiences and realities that shape who we are today. Humanity should be everyone’s foundation, like a plate, but we cant expect everyone to just be an empty plate, there’s gotta be stuff on it, good stuff and varieties of stuff. Society is equally important as individuality, we need both. Whither and how much we decide to label ourselves, a lot or not at all, is up to the individual, but even then, the same label for two different people wouldn’t mean the same thing. That’s why they’re double edged swords, since as much as people want to find easy ways to help other understand them better, labels risk putting you into boxes you didn’t intend to be in.

  • The interesting fact that Islamophobic posters here miss is that this practice is cultural/tribal not Islamic and that U.S. soldiers were instructed to ignore the sexual abuse of boys by Afghan allies. While under the Taliban rule,(Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) bacha bazi officially carried the death penalty. No one stops to understand that dancing boys are against both sharia law and the civil code(secular Afghanistan law).

    The U.S. Marines also protected poppy fields which the Taliban would burn the crop and cut off hands and feet of the growers.

    Learn the history and culture before you blame the religion.

    • Islamophobia is nothing but a nonsense word people like you use to deflect every criticism of the islamic religion as racism. Islam is not a race and Islam the religion is dangerous. It’s a bloodthirsty and violent religion and the sooner the new left understand that the sooner everyone can work with the moderates to reform it. But nope, just deflect everything and then write shit like “Mohammed was a feminist”. Fucking lunatics.

      • I’ll tell you what islmaphobia is: when people think they know everything about muslims and islam without even having met a real muslim and have no concern to meet any of them yet spout nonsense about them on a daily basis when they have no business to. People like you are no different from an extremist-islamic terrorist, with the only positive being that you’re all talk and no action, but all your talk validates them and you’re completely ignorant to how valuable you are to their very existence. This kind of cynicism is the fuel that perpetuates the sick hatred in this world. I’ve known real muslism all my life despite not being one myself and even though we have our ups and downs, there’s nothing about them that comes close to bloodthirsty. Islam can’t be considered any more or less violent than Christianity. Both of them have had people do more than their fair share of bad in their name.

        • Also, people calling themselves Muslim have brutally killed and persecuted people of my religion of centuries, but you don’t see me hating their religion or their entire people. Where I live, if anything, the plight of Indigenous people due to the horrors committed to them by people who said they follow Jesus is far more stark to me. And I’m also more angry at people of my own religion who have killed others in the name of my religion… funny thing is, here the biggest terrorist group in the country subscribes to my religion yet muslim terrorist are still the ones who are most feared and hated despite only have taken 2 or 3 lives within the country so far in comparison to the 300+ taken by the actual biggest terrorist organization in the country… I guess it’s because their targeted group isn’t white people.

        • 00:41 – As if the crusades never happened? As if no indigenous people ever died in the name of Christianity or Catholicism? Both have had too many people do bad in the name of religion. That doesn’t justify it, it just means that people, especially of other Abrahamic religions, out to have more understanding of people ruining the image of their religion by acting on behalf of them. People killing in the name of Islam are the same as the Charleston Church shooter or the Planned Parenthood shooter. You just want a group the hate, otherwise you’d be more vocal about far more deadly threats to the US like the actual top causes of death: Heart disease, malignant neoplasms, Stroke, car crashes, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Influenza and pneumonia. But those problems dont have a face to demonize and vilify so it doesn’t feel as good to go after them. My comment already said that you’re like a terrorist EXCEPT that you don’t kill, just talk, so that basically made your first paragraph pointless. But you totally dodged everything I said about actually knowing a real muslim, so you obviously don’t. Everything you’ve said is wrong and factually incorrect. But you’re just gonna keep believing what you want because IT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER TO HATE SOMEONE ELSE.

        • Yeah, people like me are no different from terrorists, except we don’t kill people and we don’t advocate the killing of anyone in the name of a fake God or changing society to be based on religious and blasphemy laws. Totally the same except different in every way.

          No, Christianity was never more violent than Islam, that’s a bullshit claim apologists love to push. The thing about christianity is that it’s been reformed and the fringe sects are the ones that advocate the same shit as muslims do but they have no power whatsoever and are rightfully treated as lunatics.

          There’s nothing peaceful about Islam and fuck you for stating we’re islamophobes after watching terrorist attack after terrorist attack unfold in Europe. How many attacks did we see in the span of mere months, how many people were killed, how many people did that fucking lunatic run over with a truck in the name of Allah? A phobia is an irrational fear and the islamic religion has proven time and time again that it’s willing to slaughter anything in its way. Shooting up newspapers is totally somethign a religion of peace does.
          Until islam is reformed it has no place in the west.