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  • I actually like this a lot, good music, animation is not that bad,
    plus the whole scene is cute, slow, and heart filling. The sex scene wasn’t over the top, kinky, or anything. IT was more like the literal love couples on their first time, and taking it slow and passionate. Like regular intercourse between two young lovers. You don’t see that type of sex action much anymore, not even in hentai or regular porn.

    • You make it sound like hentai/porn was ever considered to be like this, lol. Love has always been almost non-existant in hentai since forever, even in the “vanilla” stuff. That’s why I prefer to watch ecchi, because if sex in hentai is always going to ve casual or rape then I rather not see any penetration happen at all. The only hentai I’ve really liked were Milk Junkies, Elven Bride, Ogenki Clinic, and Shin Angel, all for their lighthearted tone and humor, but even out of them only Elven Bride and Shin Angel had love relationships and only Shin Angel had had a lot of story and build up to the sex scene between the lovers, which is why it remains my favorite. I wish they’d at least remake it, if not make more hentai like it.

    • I’m still shocked so many of you are virgins. For me I had to start learning about it because it would just become awkward being one. Even when the doctor would ask if you have been sexuality active, I would just look up, or turn away and say sure! After that they would just check that box and give me a look. It was never really a problem, it’s just hard to not to be forced to talk about it later on in life. I would still be very nervous anyway. I have been called gay from just about everyone I know. I’ve just come to except peoples feelings about it.

        • I dont see why it should be a big deal to be mistaken as gay anymore anyways. That should be no indicator of “manliness” anymore these days. If someone is sincerely thinking you are just correct them, if someone is calling you one as a taunt just ignore their backwards asses. Somehow, I’ve never been asked about my sexual activity anytime in my life. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a doctor though. I bet many people view me as asexual even though im not only hetero but also endlessly perverted, lol.

        • The flaw with that is that the truth is that anyone can like boobies. Its almost the only universally agreed thing that boobies are awesome. Gays can like them just as straight girls have been known to (hell they own them). I mean, those things did give all of us life (at least, were supposed to have) in our earliest moments, regardless of who we are.