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Shrine-Inspired Chocolate Nipples Hardened & Holy



Some sweet yet bizarre confectioneries have emerged based on the ravings of the Jison-in Temple in Wakayama, with the delectable chocolates in question taking on the form of a woman’s nipples and bound to serve as an effective incentive for getting them sucked dry by buyers.

Produced by the Mme KIKI company, the “Choconip” treats are a set of chocolates based on the various forms of a woman’s nipples throughout her lifetime, starting out young and supple before succumbing to the impurity of adulthood and shedding its luscious pink shade.

Apparently the naughty idea was inspired by the Jison-in Temple in Wakayama Prefecture, which was originally a women-only shrine dedicated to the worship of nipples, fertility, child-birth and other such feminine qualities:





Those looking to sink their teeth into the intimate treat can pre-order starting January 7th and have until February 10th to do so.

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