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Tokyo School to JCs: “White Pantsu Are Mandatory!”


A municipal assembly member representing Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward has revealed a rather preposterous rule written in the handbooks of one particular Tokyo middle school stating that students should wear white undergarments, instilling bewilderment not just for its existence but also as to just how such a rule was being enforced…

While dress codes and uniforms are a typical staple amongst Japanese schools, the specific requirement of white underwear has been considered to be “too much” by various online critics, with some naturally speculating that the rule’s creators may have some kind of vested interest in its enforcement.

The rule’s exact wording:

“Being mindful of hygiene, always wear (white) underwear. Do not wear underwear with colors or prints.”

Though hygiene is cited as the rule’s purpose, cleanliness and underwear color would appear to be entirely unrelated, making the rule quite suspect.

Stranger still, further research by the aforementioned assembly member (itself a slightly odd thing to be preoccupied with) has revealed that 6 of 10 ward-administrated junior high schools in Bunkyo possess a similar rule (which also does not clarify a specific gender, meaning the rule might apply to both males and females), certainly causing many to wonder what the benefit of such enforcement could possibly be…

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