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Magical Girl Riripom Hidden Away After Rape Threats


Energetic girl “Magical Girl Riripom” has become the next victim in the overly abusive world of Japanese idols, as she has apparently been forced to take shelter in a safe house due to the emergence of grotesque rape threats – a cautionary measure that might be taking things a little far given the rather low credibility typically afforded such trolls.

The poor idol was instructed by police to put her idol career on hold whilst they looked into the matter, with initial investigations leading them to believe that the threats were being generated by one particularly deranged fan who insistently kept creating more accounts to continue posting his putrid ravings – with possibly the most luridly despicable being “Going to prison for three years for raping her wouldn’t be so bad.”

Riripom has reportedly been placed into a safe house for protection as a result, though should her agency decide to resort to this method every time she receives a threatening comment the rest of her career may be spent there as well – though of course the paranoia may well be justified.

One of the idol’s songs:

The agency has yet to confirm whether Magical Girl Riripom will still pursue minor idol stardom after/if her ordeal concludes.

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