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Touhou Koubuto V “Will Have VR Support!”




The next great entry into the Touhou franchise has arrived in the form of Touhou Koubuto V, a third-person fighting game that pits the elegant maidens against one another in battles to the death – possibly made even more enthralling with the promised addition of virtual reality support.

While virtual reality support will not be available out of the box, it will be (or so the developers claim) implemented in a later update and will even allow users to fight against other players – a furious competition that may end with both participants vomiting before reaching a decisive conclusion.

The new action-packed trailer:

Players can look forward to dodging millions of player-generated projectiles on November 2nd, when Touhou Koubutou V will launch for the PS4 and Vita.

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    • Because Touhou. All the Touhou games other than a couple of spin-offs are pretty basic and bland, IMO. Everyone is just drawn in by the art and char designs (which I personally question in a couple of iterations) and all the fanon that got whipped up by the devout fandom. (It says a lot when the fanon, fanart, and other derivative works drive most of the consumption rather than the actual games at this point.)

      And now, that fandom is pretty fucking huge. Even without promotion, mention a “mainstream” release (i.e. not doujin/self-published) and the fandom will take care of the rest for you.