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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Villains Dastardly Indeed




Dragon Ball Z‘s abundance of notorious villains have gotten trailer tributes for their participation in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, assuring players that their favorite evildoers will likely be present and hopefully offer a challenging fight.

The various villainous trailers:

The Z warriors can fend off their legendary foes in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on November 2nd for the PS4 and Xbox One, while the west will acquire the title on October 25th.

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  • These Saiyans are proving to be quite a thorn in my side. It seems the more they fight, the stronger they become. Of course, I’m still much more powerful than they are, but if they keep multiplying their strength, then who knows what they might be capable of in the future. Best to eliminate them now, before they get any stronger.

    • Robert D Viewing says:

      No it’s “The closer to death or dying that they are the stronger they become”.

      It’s always been that way not even as a undertone but directly stated saiyans do that. That’s why they’re really strong when you’re able to constantly fight near death and if you do die you can revive or about to die you can senzu bean you’d become so much stronger(Hence why now senzu beans are stated to be hard to grow due to overuse). Not saying DB does follow plot to a T but they have done well in expressing that trait of saiyans.