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Zoids: Field of Rebellion “A Mobile MOBA!”




An announcement for the rather ancient Zoids franchise has come in the form of “Zoids: Field of Rebellion“, a mobile phone game that will supposedly be of the hugely popular “MOBA” genre and which has already caused negative backlash from fans – likely due to the title being released for mobile phones and “copying” an already overly abundant genre.

A PV of the game, which many have expressed disappointment over as indicated by its dislikes:

The game will also naturally boast in-game purchases (something that goes hand-in-hand with not just mobile games but MOBA titles as well), which potential players are hoping will not be pay-to-win…

Up to 5,000 participants will be allowed into the game’s closed beta which will start in early November, those interested can sign up via the official website – Zoids: Field of Rebellion will be unleashed onto Android and iOS sometime this winter.

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