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Tokyo Metro Mascot Panned For Being Too Cute


Tokyo Metro mascot Michika Ekino has had her new design forcibly altered due to a storm of negative criticism concerning the cute 23-year-old’s appearance and its “risque” elements, such as her semi-transparent skirt (which allowed viewers to partially see her pantsu), blushing cheeks and slant leg positioning.

Michika Ekino’s classic design, which uses a more retro art-style:


Michika Ekino’s new moe iteration:


The cute mascot’s redesign was in honor of the upcoming “National Tetsudou Musume Tour” stamp rally, an event where attendees could collect stamps featuring various railway girl mascots, though it seems Ekino’s new “moe-moe” iteration proved unfavorable to more hardcore fans – an all but unprecedented event considering how ridiculously popular moe has become.

An image circulating around Twitter has highlighted some of the issues with her new design, which some believe makes it seem like she needs to use the restroom:


Tokyo Metro however eventually submitted to the negative feedback and altered Ekino’s new appearance, removing the transparency of her skirt but maintaining her flushed cheeks and “inexcusable” posture:


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