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Police Chasee Cut in Half


A speeding motorcyclist has been hideously killed in a police chase, an event that may prove gruesome enough of a tale to potentially cause some drivers to refrain from surpassing the speed limit.

The incident occurred in Hyogo prefecture where police began tailing a speeding motorcyclist – the lawbreaker however attempted to flee as opposed to bearing the shame of receiving a ticket, resulting in a collision with another motorcyclist headed in the opposite direction.

Impact from the collision was apparently so colossal that the speeding motorcyclist (believed to be a male in his twenties) was sent flying into the support cable for an electric pole, shearing his body in half and killing him instantly – with the poor man’s remains causing an inconvenience for a nearby railway for an hour and twenty minutes.

Police had revealed that the motorcyclist was traveling 33 km/h above the speed limit at the start of the chase, soon suspending the pursuit after the target boosted his speed to an even more preposterous level and what could be described as the worst mistake of his life.

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