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Final Fantasy XV 3rd Voice Cast PV Unveiled




The voice actors of Final Fantasy XV have returned for another video to share their opinions on the upcoming RPG, with Square Enix seemingly promoting the game via almost any aspect they can think of in order to build anticipation, whether out of desperation or AAA goodness.

The game’s renowned voice actors and their opinions on it:

Previous videos:

Final Fantasy XV will be unleashed around the globe on November 29th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Really hoping this gets ported to the Nintendo NX. No way in hell I’m buying another playstation ANYTHING after 68% of the Bayonetta 2 hate fiasco was perpetrated by Psycho SOny Cronies who were DUMB enough to link their psn ID’s to social media before flaming on Twitter, starting petitions to get the Game canceled & sending fucking DEATH THREATS. Playstation has the absolute WORST fanboys. I know this is for xbox1 as well but even though I’ve got no problem with them there’s just nothing on xbox1 that makes me want to buy one at the moment.

    • lol, that is one retarded reason not no buy an equipment.
      I don’t drink beer because all the rednecks do!
      I don’t buy a nissan cause all the wanna be drifters buy one.
      I don’t wear caps cause hip hop artists do.
      remember, it is just a hardware and buying one doesn’t mean you have to change or anything or jump in some kind of fanboy wagon.
      Rather than basing your opinion on the people who use it, you should judge the hardware as a hardware, nothing more.

      if you think ps4 and xbox games aren’t for you then so be it don’t get one.

  • Not a surprise, this is a game, not an anime, and not an “anime game” either. Dubs suck when they try to “Japanify” the dub and match voices or awkward mouth movements. No one should be surprised that the dub is actually going to be decent for this one because they are treating it like a Western release video game, which in recent years as a medium has had some really good performances (like the Bioware RPGs, Uncharted, etc).

    The Japanese cast for this game is amazing, and I prefer JP voices for anime and games when they are available, but the English voices in this game aren’t just aimed at “dub fans” and will be good too I’m sure.