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i☆Ris & Sunmyu Now Offering Paid Skype Chats



Lauded idol groups i☆Ris and Sunmyu have announced that they are willing to spend up to 3 minutes with fans over Skype, a glorious opportunity for those willing to shell out the cash required, though the idols in question may well find themselves at the mercy of some rather unsightly spectacles…

A video explaining how to apply:

The announcement video from i☆Ris:

The announcement video from Sunmyu:

The event revolves around a “heart” system where those interested sign up through Twitter and accumulate hearts by purchasing them (¥100 each), with i☆Ris members charging 100 hearts and Sunmyu idols requesting only 35 – winners can either spend 3 minutes chatting up their idol of worship or request a song.

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