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Power Rangers VS Voltron Short Emerges




A fan-made live action short has featured beloved children’s franchises Power Rangers and Voltron facing off (both of which being based on existing Japanese creations), instilling nostalgia amongst older viewers and possibly even bringing newcomers into the fold as a result.

The 8-minute short, which is – of course – packed with many mecha fight scenes:

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    • Don’t care about any power rangers because they are all cringy live action shat more cheesy than casu marzu. But they did mess with Voltron so they should F off with their shat.

      Just more ranting after being triggered again, today by another shat live action taking up normal anime slot, this time Haganai the live action.

      Them F just don’t stop do they, regareless who made it. Hope their shat bum out and get stuck in debtor hell for it.

      Since they hate otaku, “weebs”, “animu” and all things related, why the fuck are they trying to steal nice works directly inspired by otaku culture and turn them into shat? Just like hollywood did with shats, and that bastardization of all you need is kill.

      Kabuki, takarazuka revue, and other theatrical adaptions are bearable but they should stick with the classics that they know, because those classics and traditional themes are great, but these anime adaptions still sucks.

      And why do they only do it from anime and not manga or light novels, trying to make a statement thinking they are a higher art form ‘n shat? F off wankers.

      Any otaku who goes to these adaptions to applease anyone on a date deserves to get stuck in loveless marriages and retirement divorces from an used bus. That shat is weak and too bad otaku are seen as weak easy preys.

      It they want to turn great series into shats, at least pay the original writers and mangaka properly.