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  • Happy Arataka Reigen.
    My favorite cakes are listed below:
    Strawberry Shortcake.
    German Chocolate with strawberry, and fudge icing.
    Coffee Cake.
    Carrot Cake.
    Red Velvet Cake.
    Angel Food Cake.

      • Not to mention he is a low level con artist, just like a ton of them scums in real life, trying to get by.

        But hey, he need some love too. So long as the birthday of Mobu or Shigeo Kageyama is remembered too, with 100% more celebrations, I am okay with that.

        But someone is just fishing, so that is probably not going to happen.

        • Reigen actually *does* help his clients.

          Most of his clients don’t need a psychic, so he just sprays salt to ease their mind, then proceeds to giving them a massage or whatever, so they’re satisfied. In cases where they *really* need exorcism, he just calls Mob (who *isn’t* a con artist, by the way).

          I think of him more as someone who gives others “peace of mind”. If people believe they are being haunted, then he makes them believe they have been exorcised.

          It’s pretty much how placebo works.

      • Saitama’s power, Mob’s psychic abilities, with Analytical Data Security Powers. All packed into an Asian guy from Japan. If he was real he would be an annoying moralfag with a heart of gold.