Rem Onahole Parody Emerges


Wild acclaim will naturally follow the release of this tantalizing onahole parody of Re:Zero’s highly adored Rem, which has also combined with the “cat keyhole” lingerie that proved popular earlier on in the year, hopefully making for a product that fans could not possibly resist.




Buyers can officially have a “wedding night” with their beloved Rem now.

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    • As alluded to, Rem got WAY more screen time. Ram was barely a blip on the radar comparatively. Hell, Rem got more screen time than the supposed main heroine, Emilia.

      Out of all the females chars, she got THE most development (so far, anyway), hands down. Might be different later in the LN, but LNs don’t get much exposure until an anime version comes along. So for now, Rem is indeed “BEST GIRL”, as they say, by virtue of being the most fleshed out. (Emilia’s just a Macguffin to justify Subaru’s idiocy at this point.)

      Anyway, I’m waiting on Rem + Emilia = Remilia (Scarlet) fanart. I’d so it myself, but I can’t draw for shit.

    • That’s pretty much any and all parody onahole. It’s not like they could make molds from characters’ actual vaginas for these onaholes.

      And I’m pretty sure the seiyuu themselves won’t be steeping up to fill in as proxy… (Well, maybe the hentai seiyuu… But a hentai parody onahole based on a “3DPD” vagina seems ironic on many levels.)