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India Doraemon Ban Sought: “A Bad Influence!”


Revered children’s franchise Doraemon has become the subject of harsh criticism in India, with complaints mostly circulating around the fact that the show’s troublesome Nobita and his bad habits threaten to make a bad impression on children.

An established social activist located in Madhya Pradesh caused a ruckus about the beloved series and sent letters to various organizations throughout India in an attempt to get the show banned from television, apparently prioritizing the show above all others.

The activist further pleaded his case by laying the blame for child malfeasance (such as not doing their homework or speaking rudely to their parents) on Nobita imitation.

Amongst the most absurd criticisms leveled against Nobita was his saying “I like you very much” to a girl in his class – though it seems unlikely that such a mild impropriety is at the root of the attacks on Doraemon.

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