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Earthquake Relief Gutted For Mascot’s Eroge Resemblance


A fundraising effort seeking to restore the railway system in disaster-stricken Kumamoto has been shut down due to its mascot’s resemblance to an eroge character, a rather childish reason to prevent suffering citizens from getting the help they very much need.

Kumagawa Railways sought to gather funds for the reconstruction of the Kumamoto railway by selling special sets of tickets emblazoned with their cute anime girl mascots, though they were forced to cease operation as it was revealed that one of the girls resembled a character from an eroge by Lose – a not wholly surprising outcome as they themselves had designed the fundraiser’s mascots.

Images of the fundraiser and its mascot girls:





The eroge girl that resembles one of the mascots:



Despite the fact that the similar-looking characters have no relation to each other whatsoever other than appearance, critics still raised concerns that the poor, poor children may somehow end up happening upon the eroge as a result – which should a great consolation to these poor children as they wait for their trains this winter.

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