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League of Legends Mahou Shoujo MV “A Fabulous Tribute!”




The vastly successful League of Legends has unleashed a special music video promoting their new mahou shoujo inspired skins, which has naturally come with an assortment of staples from the genre such as saving the world and even fighting against giant tentacle monsters.

The glorious contribution to the legendary genre:

The 4 new skins are available now for addicted players to throw their money at.

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      • Be honest. When was the last time you actually enjoyed playing League Of Assholes?

        Thought so.

        Now you just need to make that one next step and stop trying to defend that piece of shit game and it’s rotten community.

        Of course that entails assuming responsibility and not being ideologically invested. And since league players are walking lobotomies, you can’t expect them to actually admit mistakes.

        I wonder if you can.

        League is dead. It’s good that it dies. Everyone who defends that shit game here is just too rpoud to admit that they have been scammed.

        Glad I waited before coming even close to buying anything. I would have regretted it. I would never spend money in a game that gives you such a piss poor experience (How long have they been around? 6 Years?). And what do you get? Something as retarded as skins? Make sure to tell your grandchildren about this great accomplishment (read: embarassment) when you get old.

        Fucking lame.

        Come at me, League tards. Let me see your whining.

  • League of Legends? That cancerous shit-show of a game isn’t dead yet? Or is that their final attempt to get some fat ugly weebs to play? The desperation though. And transparent af. Their supposed “mahou-shoujo” theme is cringe incarnate. Disgusting and fugly, like the game itself.

  • Very nicely done conceptually, but I am kinda sad they rendered it on 3s. I know that’s an emulation of the animation style as usual, but that isn’t what makes it work. Seismic’s 3D porn shows exactly how it needs to be done and maintain the stylistic integrity and quality. The fact that Seismic’s work is literally the only 3D anime style I can point out that deserves to immediately be adapted into shows, and it’s god damn porn, still blows my mind. No pun intended.

  • Why would we forget? This post will draw angry DotA fanboys, since their game still can’t get more attention than LoL does.
    Other folks coming, to preach how their games are superior, even though nobody here is claiming that Leagues are pinnacle of competitive gaming.

    Last but not least, calling out to LoL community as toxic, all while using language that is anything but polite.

    GG nubs.

    • Wait what? People actually spend money on this game?

      what a bunch of idiots. Don’t they know that what they ACTUALLY is a bunch of trolls and idiots?

      Sure, they might get some different textures for some random ingame character (wow, big deal…), but what they actually get is one match after another filled with feeding, flaming little shits.

      Who in their right mind would even come close to spending their money on a company that basically uses your money to match you with the trash of society?

      • May I point out that the community has vastly improved? As well as the fact that riot only queues you with feeders/trolls/flamers if you YOURSELF are one of those things. Now, if you are a neutral player (players with few reports/few honors), or perhaps even a positive player (players with many honors/few to no reports) you get matched with neutral/positive players like yourself. I play the game all day, everyday and I cannot truly tell you the last time I have been flamed, or thought someone was so toxic that it was upsetting. This is not season 3 anymore. Welcome to season 6, where people actually grew the fuck up or got put with asshats like themselves. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Gaming was really just a nerd thing before. A lot of kids just want to make money off YouTube now days so they try for the dynamics. Most of them are from mid-upper class family’s anyway. Most are just burning time before college, or in dorms.

      • $100 = 150 RP Per Dollar
        $50 = 144 RP Per Dollar
        $35 = 143 RP Per Dollar
        $20 = 140 RP Per Dollar
        $10 = 138 RP Per Dollar
        $5 = 130 RP Per Dollar

        435.00 Will give you 65,000 RP and you can pick up all of the rest of the champs.
        Total = $485.00 / 72.2k RP

        100 million players actively play each month.

        This is still cheaper than real decks. That is really bad, but it’s an amazing business model.

      • Personally, I think that it’s up to each own, whatever someone wants to see little extra in their character design or not.

        Frankly, there’s always the “hollier than thou” people, kinda like you. That want to patronize others on how to spend money, be it out of jealousy, or some own strange ego.

        Not to add, you ranted on trolls and other angsty teenagers, but damn..look at you.

        • Did you just describe yourself?

          Just wondering. “Holier then thou” -> goes ahead being patronizing.

          Man, you defend League of Legends. You’re a great white knight. Have you gotten any pussy yet?

          Thought so.

          You’re a skin-buyer and instead of calling that game out for it’s bullshit practices, you defend it. Because realizing that you have spent your precious money on a game and got scammed is just too damn painful, right? Talk about your ego.

        • 10:12 09/10/2016

          My God, I can’t believe what I’m reading right now.
          Point someone out that they are a bi*ch, and they turn salty past caustic levels of sulfuric acid.

          Calling people idiots because they got money to spend, unlike you.
          Implying they are virgins, and in same, pretending to be some alpha, while being neckbeard.

          And to top of it all, not having any valid argument to back up any of it, so trying to present your ideology as “matter of fact”.

          10/10 my nigga
          Better luck in next lifetime.