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Public AV Bust Dropped Over Invisible Sperm Fairies


Public indecency charges leveled against 52 individuals (including 9 so-called “sperm fairies”) for performing and recording an AV in the great outdoors has been dropped, with the court judging that the ravenous orgy was acceptably obscured from the view of passersby.

A campground in Sagamihara City served as the location of the shoot 3 years ago and took 2 days total to finish, with the case being created due to the involvement of the former president of Marks Japan – who had recently been arrested for allegedly forcing a woman to appear in an AV against her will.

The court declared that the perverted “decathlon” of sorts was “not visible to outside parties” due to being nestled in the mountains, thankfully ensuring that the AV company will be able to produce more bizarre works in the future.

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