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Netherlands Beach Trespassing: “We’ll Take Niantic to Court!”


Niantic Labs (the developers of the ravenously popular Pokemon Go) are being sued by Netherlands authorities due to mass amounts of players trespassing into protected beaches in order to catch their beloved fictional creatures, an event that the developer is “clearly” at fault for.

The hordes of Pokemon Go players that flock to the beach resort of Kijkduin (which has even been nicknamed “the Pokémon capital of the Netherlands”) are the main concern of authorities, as they believe such an uncontrollable amount of people could damage the surrounding area – with the concept of “keep out” signs or fencing evidently a long forgotten art to Europeans as recent events suggest.

Left with “no other choice”, Hague authorities have opted to sue Niantic Labs (after their attempts to contact them since mid-August had failed) for being unable to control the millions of obsessed fans who play their game and display sadly limited self-control in the face of app-reinforced behavioral guidance.

Niantic Labs has previously responded to requests to remove the game from specific parts of the world, which has since led to the Hiroshima and Berlin Holocaust memorials, the former concentration camp at Auschwitz and other areas being eradicated of Pokemon – though it could be assumed that the developer was simply overwhelmed by requests, causing the pleas of Netherlands authorities to go unheard.

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