TGS VR Demo Anime Girl “Groped Until Broken!”



The presence of M2 Co. Ltd (makers of 3D modeling and animation software E-mote) at Toyko Game Show 2016 has stirred up quite a bit of attention as their booth possessed a mannequin that could be groped by visitors, a VR experience that proved so popular that the mannequin’s touch sensors became broken in a single day due to over-stimulation.

The VR simulation was meant to demonstrate the capabilities of E-mote, allowing players to touch the mannequin anywhere and watch the anime girl in the headset (Isla from Plastic Memories in this instance) react accordingly, an innovation that will surely let otaku become even closer with their beloved 2D girls.

An old video depicting E-mote in action:

The presentation has unfortunately gotten the developer in trouble with Tokyo Game Show’s organizers however, who have banned the groping aspect from M2’s booth to preserve the event’s family-friendly atmosphere, a rather simple change considering the mannequin’s sensors had already been broken:


Regardless, the mannequin’s ordeal has demonstrated that virtual reality is rapidly becoming a widespread phenomenon.

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