“China Quality” T-Shirts Burn Paddle-Boarders


A national stand-up paddleboarding tournament held in Kanagawa has gone awry as the free T-shirts given out at the event have given 24 victims nasty burns and rashes, with one case being so extreme the individual had to be hospitalized.

T-shirts were being handed out by the tournaments organizers – Stand Up Paddle Union Japan – as a show of good will, only to unfortunately backfire, as apparently an unknown chemical residue remained on them.

One of the participants who wore a shirt shared his thoughts on the experience:

“thought the T-shirt felt a little slimy after I got out of the water. My back became covered in blisters and it hurt. I can’t sleep well either because it’s my back.”

News coverage of the incident:

It has been mentioned that at least 360 shirts had to be hastily returned, leading inevitably to questions over where exactly the clothing was sourced…

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