PS4 Slim & PS4 Pro Announced


Seemingly discontent with their current hardware, Sony have announced two new forms of PS4: the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim, promising a marginally more compact console or one capable of the marvels of 4K output.

Initially called the PlayStation Neo, the PS4 Pro will be an enhanced version of the former PS4, boasting an upgraded GPU and CPU and allowing games (and even other applications like Netflix and YouTube) to be played in 4K resolution, ensuring a slightly enhanced visual experience perfect for those who obsess over such minor differences.

Games will also be compatible with HDR, with Sony promising that the original PS4 will obtain “HDR-capability” through a patch near the end of the month – a comparison can be seen below, with the original on top and the PS4 Pro on the bottom:



The PS4 Slim is merely a smaller version of the original PS4 in all dimensions, bearing all the same parts and functionalities but with physical eject and power buttons instead of touch-sensitive ones – a feature that was already implemented in the 1200 PS4 models.

The 3 hour event at the PlayStation Theater in New York:

The PS4 Pro will go on sale November 10th for $399, while the PS4 Slim will be available on September 15th for $299.

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