Madoka Magica Pachislot Animations Absurdly Cute




The 2nd Madoka Magica themed Pachislots machine has bombarded gamblers with a salvo of charming animated sequences, additionally catering to the yuri community with some subtle girl-on-girl service and sure to be a nice alternative to the show’s more dark and gloomy nature, if anything could be more gloomy than the sight of so beloved a franchise gracing pachinko parlors the nation over.

Some of the ridiculously lovable animations:

The previously revealed PV:

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    • Thanks, kind of already knows about them.

      Sadly, it is not just them pachinko houses. It goes way deeper than that.

      Individually, many of them are not that strong.

      Sadly they probably lure in a lot of people who have no idea and can’t get out easily after they are in. And a few animes and many manga are not helping by slighly glorifying them or out right PR for them.

    • They are not yakuza, all of them are concerned selfless individual working for the greater public good from behind the shadows.

      That might be true since… never. There are individual ones who might have all that do of gokudo, but vast majority of them are modern bakuto groups with good PR.

      Pussies did not even off themselves right after the war, instead profiteered from military surplus of all sides, while leeching on the public, as they did and still do.

      The brave Fukushima hundreds, wonders how many are victims of these actual real lowlifes. Well you get them anywhere and everywhere, so there is that.

      You get rid of these from everywhere, you might actually solve the human traffic problem, but no, it is better to go after people owning images of adult characters with flat justice.

      You know the gangsta who tries to be hard in schools, majority of them don’t even do sports or train, physically or with actual weapons of any sort, some of them goes on to become gang, and some of those gangs joins or gets recruited into these groups, while others grows out of it and tries to at least not do harm, and actually do good for society.

      Do get that part where they might come from bad childhood that just repeats of the cycle, or that they face hard issues and choices in schools. For most, that is still no excuse.