Shopping Mall Ad Mix-Up “Showcased An H-Doujin!”


A Ukranian shopping mall has recently come under fire from ostensibly upset visitors due the store’s advertisement-bearing plasma screens being altered to display an appalling H-doujinshi that has been assumed to be the work of a prankster who managed to hijack the system.

The plasma screen was apparently sitting outside of the shop and out of the line of sight of employees, making them blissfully unaware of the situation and allowing the disturbing image to destroy the fragile minds of passersby for an entire 15 minutes.

The New Game! English-translated H-doujin that was on display:


A few additional pages:




Many of course believe that the ordeal was the result of mischievous hacking by an interloper or employee, rather than covert guerrilla marketing on the part of the store or circle; an investigation is currently underway and mall representatives have mentioned that they intend to strengthen security to prevent any further such incidents.

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