China Glass Bridge Breaks But “Surprisingly Didn’t Explode!”


China’s Zhangjiajie glass bridge – touted as the longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge in the world – was forcibly closed after being open to the public for only 13 days, though thankfully action was taken before it could explode.

As many had suspected, the glass bridge was recently closed off by the government so that urgent maintenance could be performed, perhaps indicating that the bridge was not as safe as many had initially thought.

Spanning 430 meters and connecting two mountains in the Hunan province, the glass marvel had naturally attracted hordes of tourists and despite hanging 300 meters above an open canyon, there have been no accidents whatsoever during its magnificently long span of operation.

The bridge’s closure was revealed by way of Chinese site Weibo:




According to officials, the 3.4 million dollar bridge was allowed 8,000 visitors a day but over 10 times as many wanted access, though thankfully the bridge was made out of an actual building material and defying the unfortunate tendency of China to make items of astonishingly explosive quality.

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