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Girls Und Panzer: The Final Chapter Announced


The tank commanding schoolgirls of Girls Und Panzer have returned once again with a new series entitled “Girls Und Panzer: The Final Chapter”, implying that this may be the last time that the lovable girls will be mounting their metal steeds.

The glorious news was unleashed at the “Girls und Panzer Heartful Tank Carnival II” event in the Pacifico Yokohama venue in Kanagawa, unfortunately divulging little other information in typical announcement fashion.


The seiyuu for the anime’s main girls as well as the show’s director Tsutomu Mizushima will be attending the 20th Oarai Anglerfish Festival on November 13th, a celebration that will likely unveil further details about the new installment, such as if it will be a new anime or yet another movie.

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