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Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice Dub “A Mockery of The Law!”

AceAttorney SpiritofJustice-English-OP-1

AceAttorney SpiritofJustice-English-OP-2

AceAttorney SpiritofJustice-English-OP-3

The upcoming western release of Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice has prompted Capcom to unveil the previously showcased OP animation with its English dub, bound to have western fans brushing up on their law skills as the ever vigilant anti-dub groups continue to show their discontent.

The English animated OP:

Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice can bring troublemakers to justice on September 8th for the 3DS, the game is available now in Japan.

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  • I already played the demo and I can say that I better avoid the dub as the plague. That Rayfa girl had a lady’s voice even when she’s supposed to be 14 years old.

    Luckily the cutscenes now have subtitles, so I can turn down the volume when the awful dub pops out.

  • subs purists can fuck off.

    So many times on this site, whenever they cover a series having an English release, it’s always whiny bitches that come running, screaming about dubs being cancer, and the original Japanese audio being holy.

    believe it or not, but most anime dubbed that isn’t done by cheap ass sentai, or for kids on cartoon channels, have just as good quality as the original.

    So get off your high horse and acting like a douche

    • sure kids shows or low budget prod might also have bad japanese dub.
      but for the best anime series, voice acting is usually very good, since japanese seiyuu are wayyyyy more into their character than english voice actors. You sometimes feel that the english va just dont give a shit, does one take, gets his check and that’s it.

      There are some good english dubs out there, but i could count them on my fingers.

      • “There are some good english dubs out there, but i could count them on my fingers”

        Get off your high horses. Anime dubs are just as good as the subs, this coming from someone that used to think subs were better. but from 2010 onward, the quality is almost always on par with the original dub

        • It varies from case to case. Hellsing Ultimate for example, I’d actually consider the eng dub superior to the original. The english VAs really brought the characters to life flawlessly. The vast majority though? Hell no. Even when 90% of the cast might be fine, you always get that one that makes your ears bleed.

          To be honest I actually rather distrust even english subs from the official sources. Unlike fan subs that translate based on an enthusiasm and understanding of the source material, official subs are typically just passed off to some third party bulk translating firm, and glanced over by a middle aged editor who really doesn’t give the slightest crap about the show itself.

          It’s how you end up with crap like that Gamergate reference sneaked into Prison School by Funimation. Simply can’t trust anything they “localise”.

  • If anything, I think the voice for Athena needs a little work. Wendee Lee is a great voice actress and her voice fits Athena, but I felt some lines were just a bit off tonally. The same almost for Sam Riegel as well; he does a great “Objection!”, but it feels like he’s just reading off a script when doing fully-voiced dialogue for Phoenix. They both sound great in the other works that they do, so I just hope that by the next game they try to tap into the personalities of the Ace Attorney characters a bit more. I have hopes if Sam Riegel returns to do a dub of the Ace Attorney anime, because that way he can perfect Phoenix’s voice on account of continuous voiced dialogue as opposed to the text-heavy non-voiced lines the game series has.

    • No, she’s about as good a voice actress as Johny Yong Bosch, that is to say, she has one voice. In a lot of cases, that’s fine, so long as it fits the role, but her role is always EXTREMELY annoying sounding, which is great for certain side characters, but for a main? God no, it makes me glad that the cases are just text based with only the shout outs being voiced. That being said, Jamieson Price balances it out with his amazing voice.