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Astro Boy: Edge Of Time Kickstarter “An Osamu Tezuka TCG!”




The late Osamu Tezuka has gotten a tribute in the form of Astro Boy: Edge Of Time, an upcoming TCG which features re-imagined versions of the legendary mangaka’s various franchises and characters, seemingly obtaining inspiration from Blizzard’s much revered Hearthstone.

The Kickstarter project is a combined effort between Active Gaming Media and Tezuka Productions; the game takes place in a city outside of space and time in an existence where nearly all life has been snuffed out, tasking players with stopping an evil demon king through the power of card games.

The Kickstarter pitch video:




The Astro Boy: Edge of Time Kickstarter is requesting $50,000 in generous donations, with the project currently sitting at over $3400 – those who’d like to see the project succeed can donate to the Kickstarter now.

The game is currently in development for PC and smartphones and is planned for release sometime in early 2017, a demo is available now.

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