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Final Fantasy XV English Cast “May Actually Be Good”




The English voice cast for Final Fantasy XV have given their thoughts and opinions on their character roles, bound to be a fascinating and possibly insightful video for those capable of appreciating English dubs, but maybe also further fuel to the hatred of everyone else.

The in-depth video:

The fast-paced action RPG that is Final Fantasy XV will hack and slash its way onto the PS4 and Xbox One on November 29th.

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  • One of the things I hate about American dubs is that they tend to ditch all the characterizations set by the Japanese dubs, and put their own shit based on the script. Rarely ever respecting source material and always arrogant enough to consistently interpret the characters in their own way.

    That’s not acting. That’s just them wanting the characters to sound like them, when it should have been the other way around. The Japanese are very particular about this, because rarely do they ‘imply’ their opinions of the characters they play into their acting. The Japanese mostly adhere strictly to the director.

    That scene near the end of this video that shows Noctis getting frustrated about his father? I watched that scene in Japanese and it was more powerful because of how ‘explosive’ Noctis sounded. The gymnastics of his tone, how he started off sounding annoyed before his voice leapt, “NANDE IWANAKATTANDAYO!?”, you can feel both anger and sadness.

    In this video though, Noctis sounded like he was mumbling the whole time. Still angry, but more sarcastic. It’s as if each dub has its own Noctis, and that’s just wrong.

    There were very little variance in between dubs for Witcher 3(played it in English, Polish, Japanese and French). Some characters sounded radically different because of the individual voice actors, but their behavior and attitude in scenes are near identical(except English Yennefer, who seem to insist on making her sound like a bitch 90% of the time). Because of that, I thought localization in the industry has stepped up in quality. I mean, some company out of fucking Poland could arrange that.

    And yet Square Enix, a long-standing company with so much capital and thousands of staff in many parts of the world can’t?

    Perhaps that’s because even the Japanese staff themselves doesn’t give a single fuck in the utmost bottom floor of hell about anyone that’s not Japanese.

  • Funny, all these negative comments from people that probably couldn’t even tell good voice acting from bad. I listened to the video and from what I heard, it actually sounded pretty good. The voice actors did well in filling the voices with the right emotion and getting the intonation just right. If there is an issue, it’s more with the script they’re forced to adhere to, not their efforts in bringing the characters real emotion.

    • Is is too hard to understand that some people just dont want to hear anything other than japanese for meaia that was made by them, mostly for them, and involving their culture? If you were Russian would you want to watch GI Joe dubbed in russian? The language is inherently part of the experience, and it’s nearly always better than than any substitute.

      • Yeah I would want it dubbed in Russian. It being in English or whatever spoken language alone, shouldn’t effect your experience of watching it. Unless you’re a super snobby hipster.

        Noticed I didn’t mention the quality of acting, only the fact if it was dubbed alone. Just in case people are trying to twist my words to serve their own lame argument.

  • Why can’t we just have Good Japanese translation English subtitle+Japanese voiceover? This is all we want, not meme translation like they have IQ 180 whole team sum up, plus SJW censorship and translator/voice cast self masturbate creative work and force us to watch it through out the game.

    • SE Just realize this when they were made XIV as they need to release both Japanese and English at the same time. So the localization team communicating back and forth with the Japanese team. Sometime other language team even give Japanese team a fix (like correcting some French name pronouncing). The result is every languages use their own different way to tell the same story. The voice actor play their own version of the character portraying the same emotion instead of try to imitate the Japanese voice. And it’s work quite well. So I think they use the same method to this game too.

  • I’m not usually a fan of dubs at all, as particularly anime dubs usually vary from terrible to ear-rending abomination for the most part, but this one sounds pretty good.

    Decent dubs are extremely rare, but this reminds me of the Studio Ghibli dubbing – In that you wouldn’t even realise it was dubbed unless you knew about it beforehand…

  • Japan: A whole industry dedicated to producing professional VA’s with a diverse range of talent to fit most roles well and enough performers that the truly skilled rise to the top.

    America: An incestuously small pool of half assed amateurish VA part timers shoehorned into roles they don’t want to do and don’t fit, all because there is nobody else to fill the role and they live paycheck to paycheck and need the money because they suck and can’t get a real job.

    Liking dubs is like liking ear cancer.