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Pokemon X Y & Z “Satoshi Loses Again!?”


The immensely adored Pokemon series has somehow infuriated fans with the latest fateful episode of Pokemon X Y & Z, which featured the much-loved Satoshi losing another league match (his 7th one after 900+ episodes) and seemingly proving that the show’s profits are more important than character growth.

The PV for next week’s episode, which has been bombarded with an unbelievable amount of dislikes:

Reactions from fans have been depressing to say the least:





The actual episode:





















































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  • They really should’ve given Ash a win. He’s been at it for too long, he should really move on with his life.

    Charizard, Pikachu, Ash-Greninja, Sceptile, Blaze Infernape, Goodra, Snorlax, Noverien, etc.

    I just wish that with they make a series where Ash comes back to one of the previous leagues, maybe Kanto. Buddy up once again with Brock and Misty. Bring his all-stars. Challenge the league and win. Become legendary. Travel the world once again with his Kanto buddies. Bone Misty for fcks sake, their romance continuation is long overdue. Battle the legendaries. Come around for some battles against other league champions, win or lose, would be really badass.

    Have the Sun/Moon anime have a new girl protag who looks up to Ash as despite the guy having lost 7 leagues, still persisted and finally won. Imitate him in ways farthest from how Ash really went, only seeing him as “the big guy”, trying to build up his pokemon the same way he did, etc.

    Basically, a fangirl who wishes to evolve into an ascended fangirl who will one day rise up the ranks like Ash did. Then, they can cross every few tens of episodes, getting caught up to Ash’s hijinks or actively trying to chase Ash to help with whatever problems he’s solving. Then, challenge and lose to the league and carry on the league-losing streak tradition Ash used to have, with Ash’s encouragement to always try.

    Then Team Rocket could go around chasing Ash, still, but not so much as enemies anymore but to learn and attempt to reap from the situation the shadows (if Ash finds an epic pokemon hotspot, they can try their hand at it as well), or at least, as discreet as they can only be. The trio would then help the new protag every now and then when she crosses paths with Ash just because they see how she is similar to the little twerp they always chased back then.

    Wow, wall of text of ideas.

    • Honestly I just wish Ash would win so they could finally replace him. I get the Pikachu obsession, but anyone can have a Pikachu, damn it. They’re a dime a dozen in the X/Y starter forest even.

  • >losing another league match (his 7th one after 900+ episodes)

    I wonder how many years passed by internal time. Even if you take every episode as a one day, that’s still would mean 2+ years, and league matches happens every 3-4 months. Is this some time loop, as there’s no progress at all anywhere?

  • This has been bugging me for a while; why can’t Ash win a league championship? I mean it won’t be the end of the series since they just keep churning out more Pokemon each arc. It would show character growth and keep people’s interest more than a few seasons. Since everything just reset each new area and get olds rather quickly.

  • It’s kinda shallow to think the anime can’t go on if Ash/Satoshi wins an official league. The adventures manga already starred a lot of different characters. I don’t see any problems if the anime follows suit.

    Ash is looking more like Hideo Kojima now lol. His company don’t want to let him go.

    Also, they can make Ash win a league then lose to the regional champion.

    • He’s been 10 years old for what, almost 20 years now? I mean how often are all these league tournaments if he hasn’t grown noticeably older in the interim? Is it only like a month between each one?

  • they should have just started making new characters, maybe having the previous ones be gym leaders or something.

    as it is ash is always the worst trainer in the world.

    If he actually tried using his most powerful pokemon (and his level 999 pikachu that he’s obviously hiding) he’d 1 hit everyone.

    • They should’ve went with something like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. A different main protag each region and stuff. That way, it’ll be something different every time. Not like what the pokemon anime does. Which is Ash goes to new region> somehow still loses despite having a level 100 pikachu> Ash forgets the stuff he learned in the previous region> Ash befriends gym leaders>bla bla. Lol

  • In PokeAni’s last episode, Satoshi goes to Panama and takes out all the bribe money he got for throwing away matches, then actually makes his own harem with all the girls he’s met…

    • If you actually watched the season,you would know. This time, many things were in Ashs favor and many people thought he would finally win, but he authors still made him lose, which didn’t make any sense at all.

  • Ash is a shit trainer
    who the fuck just lets your best Pokemon leave
    He Ignores type matching like.. 70% of the time
    Puts a bunch of strong Pokemon he caught or were just handed to him most of the time for free back in Prof. Oaks farm never to be seen again or for just one episode
    Dude gets free badges for losing
    Why isn’t he like in the forest for days on end trying to catch stuff or actually train his Pokemon in actual battles?
    Why doesn’t ash fight more random trainers?

    I could go on probably but I’m already bored.

    • I see it as a form of environmental protection. I mean if you left Ash to shuffle around in your local fields of grass by the time he finally grew competent enough to move on he’d have trampled it into a barren waste. Getting him to the next city is only a positive for everyone living there.

      I mean seriously, he can’t even bother to get a bike. Kid is never going anywhere.

    • Then I guess you haven’t watched xy. He ignores matching intentionally 100% of the time and wins. He catches the exact amount for a full team at the pokemon league (no Oak transfers). He wins every one of his badges. He doesn’t spend days trying to catch stuff, but he fights random trainer battles. He has loads of training scenes and looks for interesting counter-measures.

      He also as an underdog rival that eventually catches up to his skill. He has an OP rival with a mega charizard x. There is literally a girl that’s in love with Ash (not the usual undefined status bs). Ash is a passionate idiot this season instead of a complete retard that recycles the same mistakes from last season.

      This was the one season/series in the pokemon anime history where Ash was actually skilled and worked his ass off to fight in the finals match of the pokemon league. The next area in the story doesn’t have a pokemon league. If Ash was EVER going to win it would have been this season, so that’s the reason for the hype.

      There were good parts. There were some pretty boring parts. It was still the best season of pokemon I’ve ever watched.

      • I have no idea how old you are, but if you’re delusional enough to think that Nintendo is going to cater to adults in a cartoon that is clearly aimed at teh babbies, then you live in a fantastic world.

        • Well I’d like to teach kids that hard work pays off most of the time, Ash has literally come up short so many times that the disappointment would’ve caused any normal person to just outright quit…this is basically a show where no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you practice, no matter how much passion you have for something, someone older than you is gonna come in and basically be the monkey wrench in your machine.

          Look at most of the people Ash has lost to in the pokemon leagues, and how many of them were older than him.

  • Those trash bins and bags are somehow immaculately clean. Those cowards would never actually throw those things away which they have taken really good care for. I bet the companies actually don’t care if they do because those things are no longer profit for them anyways.

  • Why are people even surprised at this point? this anime and game are so formulaic they would make Phineas & Ferb jealous, every season is basically the same with different characters and ugly imprisonable mutants, asking for satoshi to win a pokeshit league would be like asking of Tom to finally eat and kill Jerry. it’s not going to happen because they want this show to stay the same forever.

    • Mainly because xy&z was a decently made anime (compared to the last 800 episodes) and they actually made Satoshi a skilled trainer that works his ass to get better throughout the Kalos area. They tried really hard to make you think Satoshi had a chance. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually made route where Satoshi actually wins and the flipped a coin to decide if they should broadcast it or not.

      Best part this season? No idiodic mistakes. No whining. No cringe.

  • Am I stuck in a fucking time loop? Will this brat ever win? But you could also blame the fans who expected him to win. It was obvious, wasn’t it? Does this mean Serena will leave the group? I can see the wave of incoming tears in the future.

  • Ash keeps losing while Red is still the champion. And recognized for it. If the creators of the pokemon anime were smart, which apparently they’re not, they should go through hell and back to get the rights to make a Pokemon Adventures anime. No changes, no additions, just take the manga and animate it.

  • i think it’s time for a new main character. vote for it to be a female character in hope that it might get people to believe in pokemon again. or pokemon gets cancel due to people losing faith in it/ not caring anymore.

  • Figures, they wanted to keep Ash in case they need to make a Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. They might not give him a break until the Pokemon company ran out of ideas for new regions for another Pokemon game.

  • Wow…Pikachu can’t clutch it out. Ash could have brought Sceptile, Infernape, Snorlax, Krokodile, AND his own Charizard for the final match, but he just has to always lose…I guess we’ll have to wait for the 25th anniversary or 30th.

  • Why can’t Ash win not even once??He had a good team and the opponent didn’t have any overkill Pokemon,also at the end where it was Ash-Greninja VS Mega Charizard X,Ash had the type advantage and a Pokemon with a form with equal or more power than a mega Pokemon!Also When Blast Burn can be used so many times like it was nothing?In the video games it has the same effect like Hyper Beam wear you have to recharge for one round!At the final moment before the decisive moves,we see M-Charizard X attacking again with Blast Burn an then Ash-Greninja uses its ultimate water shuriken(maybe it was a Z-Move).Then Ash-Greninja faints cause of an attack which is not very effective against it and M-Charizard X that took the attack head on which here ofcourse it’s a very powerful super effective move!
    But anyway The Pokemon Company will never let him win because of what they thing,thus the wont to continue the series and make lots of money!Ah and something else I heard from someone that The Pokemon Company doesn’t let Ash win because thy don’t want to give a bad example to the kids “it’s not always winning,but…”,of course this is a kids show but I thing the older audiences are the same or even more than the young ones!!
    Huh…Anyway it doesn’t mean that if he wins once,the series will end!I would love to see a reboot of the series where Ash begins from the Kanto region and trying to win every Pokemon League so he can reach his dream of becoming The World Champion,the strongest of them all!!Also in the first English Pokemon opening the song said “Gotta catch them all”,so wouldn’t be great if he had all the Pokemon(including the legendary Pokemon) at max level with all the moves they can learn!!And one last thing,I really want to see in the reboot that I am hopping to,Ash growing older,being smarter(for example now he isn’t able to see behind the disguises of Team Rocket),getting all the Pokemon(including the legendary) with max level and all the moves they can learn and have them all being eble to mega evolve and use Z-Moves,there were many girls who showed signs that they liked Ash but they where only part of the English Dub or something and so the only girl who seems really likes Ash is Serena(there are many signs making this claim believable) so Ash having a girlfriend is a really great thing to happen!And finally I wan the series to become a lot darker with a deep fascinating even better than the ones on the manga,the series had many mysteries that must be solved,to add a bit of ecchi stuff inside(the manga Pokemon Reburst had a lot of ecchi scenes)!Anyway those stupid childish episodes that don’t make any sense most of the times must be stopped!
    Ah!!!Another thing is about the characters,it would be awesome if we could see all the amazing characters from the video games and the manga in this reboot and also the most anticipated person i want to see is Ash father,to learn what he is,about his roots and the rest of the family!!
    *All of the events that happened in the movies,it’s like they never happened in the main story and that is also a thing i didn’t like!
    **One awesome thin to happen to Ash is during the end of his journey of becoming the world champion,defeating every league discovers that there is already a world champion and he must defeat him to become the new one and then he discovers that the final super boss is his long missing father!!

  • Really? People getting upset because the one of the worst anime protagonists lost yet again? Anybody with at least half a brain could see ash losing since this season was announced.

    And those so-called fans dumping their Pokémon stuff just because the shit anime is cringeworthy.

    • An anime adaptation of Pokemon Adventures would be awesome to see. Much more faithful to the game’s mechanics, as well as new and refreshing protagonists for every region featured. It would’ve been great.

  • Looks like Ash is Team Mystic. He’s not gonna catch’em all, nor be the very best. Only he cares is to hatch two eggs just happening to always stick around his legs. No matter how far he goes, they never hatch.

    “Gonna hatch’em all! Pokemon.”

    • Satoshi is 110% team Instinct. If anything, Instinct is built around HIM, around the tropes of a shonen full of heart and guts and willpower and determination and all that noise.

      He trusts his pokemon to do their best and that they’ll perform because of loyalty and the power of friendship and shit that the show, the entire genre themes. If he encounters challenges or obstacles, his “strategy” is grit and tryharder and BELIEVEINYOURSELF.

      Again, he’s Instinct made flesh, if he wasn’t the template to begin with.

      On topic: The series won’t jeopardize itself. It’ll end when sales droop. Which can be caused by writing going dry. It’s no different than keeping TLR’s Rito carefully locked as a “useless” harem protag.

      • …except, an argument can be made for Ash being Team Valor, too. He’s aggressive, brash, and fiercely competitive, always wanting to prove himself in battle, to overcome the obstacles before him. If you remember him from the beginning, he was only ever concerned about winning, and making his Pokemon stronger at any cost. He quickly learned with Pikachu that he has to cooperate with his Pokemon to earn their respect, but that lesson didn’t apply to the rest of his Pokemon until a fair bit later into the first season (with Charizard in particular). He deeply cared for his Pokemon, yes, but he thought of them as instruments to be used for conquering challenges. Like the first time he used a Tauros in battle; he had no personal connection whatsoever with it (he had 30 of them), but recognized the physical power Tauros held, using one in the Orange League battles without any prior intensive training or relationship-building beforehand.

        • The leaders’ personalities are almost pure fanon, but they did give us some thin skeletons for team philosophies. Niantic’s official descriptions say Mystic is analytical and Instinct is intuitive.

          If you’re somehow unfamiliar with generic shonen protags, the anime’s 51st episode was about a set of written/practical tests that would award immediate league qualification. Ash enters.

          9 minutes of episode in, he gets worst-in-class for the written portion. Eng script: “Pokemon isn’t about tests, it’s about battles!”