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  • lol you shitty fag otakus are downvoting everything that doesn’t conform to your sad virgin delusional view, ain’t ya you little dipshits? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:

    holy shit, the spooks defending and bashing this thing are amusing, to say the least.

    Stay classy SamCom.


    top kek

  • ChaoticThinker says:

    Since I have the balls to comment with a real account and maintain my position that yurifags better known as Eunuchs the name I have designated for them because it’s proper and brilliantly exposes who they are, They’re that precisely because they target with hatred towards ecchi fans whom prefer a male MC then cry victim like any other SJW are truly pathetic when they’re called out on their bullshit.

    I hereby repeat and maintain what I have said about those losers. They’re dickless eunuchs whom are mad that they can’t fantasy themselves with women because they lack the package. I’ve seen a lot of bullshit here and on previous pages I’ve seen ecchi fans whom prefer male characters called “cucks”, I by this statement expose their hypocrisy that they cry and wail when name calling is geared towards them.

    Want evidence?. Take a look at the comment section and you’d see that all the hated comments and all the white zones belong to opinions of Ecchi fans whom don’t want a lesbian as a MC. This invalidates the notion that I hate other opinions and proves the exact opposite to those who slander me on this very page.

    To clarify I would have never targeted “Yurifags” for name calling if I hadn’t come across name calling and/or seen name calling shot towards people whom prefer ecchi with an Male MC. I watched Queen’s Blade, among others and like them because i like Ecchi all the same. However I do not tolerate the hypocrisy of those who critic me when they’re doing that which they point fingers at me for.

    People who don’t like Yuri are called “Cucks” “Virgins” and “Fat” for disagreeing. That’s called social blackmail as well as slander. Isn’t that something?. For all the hate I have gathered there isn’t one comment with an actual argument nor there is a backed up statement with evidence towards the shit fling at this series. Every single comment I’ve seen can be automatically invalidated with “Episode 04” of Masou Gakuen HxH. Yurifags and Ecchi haters are liars and all their comments are done under assumptions.

    I’ve read all the comments on this site and spotted one with an amazing quote. I’m gonna go ahead and write it properly and cite the author.

    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

    This quote is backed up with evidence found at all the white sections spotted on this very comment section. All the downvotes towards anyone who disagree with a yurifag. Go to every page on this site concerning this series and you’ll find that people who like the MC are called names, Yet we have MR. BIGOT right there on top of the comment section crying like a little bitch saying I targeted Yuri fans for no reason.

    He then slanders me with “Sexist” and “Homophobe” typical of SJW’s when they don’t have actual arguments” but calls me “Fat” “Virgin” on the same sentence as if he/she knew me but just assumes I am. On the SJW world that’s called “Fat Shaming” and “Celibacy Shaming”. That invalidates that section rather quickly. He then questions “What’s wrong with a Lesbian MC?” to which I can make the same retort and find that he will sing a different tune and he/she is guilty of real sexism towards men by using the SJW logic.

    If you’re gonna come after me, Do so with actual accounts and grab your set of balls assuming you have any and I’ve be happy to oblige destroying your arguments and smoking you on a debate which I am confident I can win with ease.

    • That’s what makes it awesome.An ecchi is supposed to be a cock tease. However since Hisasi is the illustrator or at least designer of all characters. I can think he may have perks as a doujin artist to make hentai.

  • all this people downvoting the comments that praises the mc are the virgin ones their just trolls if you guys dont like this series then dont comment its that easy. anyway i know these virgins cunts will downvote this so F*ck you guys

  • It amazes me how some people here are defending the MC like he’s “evolving every episode” when he’s doing the exact same unoriginal bullshit his fellow harem male MCs have done. At the end of the day, he’s just another crap. Oh wait, those people are ChaoticThinker and his one spamming anon boyfriend.

    • Left him, chaotic is only a crybabie who every time to someone disagrees with his opinion, they inmediatly run to FAPSERVICE to acusse this site for bullyng him….and act like a liker of that site every moment.

      • 06;56

        . . . .Looks around all the downvotes and white zones which target opinions agains yurifags / eunuchs.

        “when you cut off a mans tongue you’re not proving him a liar, You’re proving that you’re afraid of what he has to say”

        That quote shines daylight towards your comment.

      • 06:56 wait, the entire comment section is filled with white zones of opinions that differ from yurifags. this alone proves that the yurifags are the cry babies whom can’t accept that they are indeed “eunuchs”.

        However to you chaotic is the cry baby for pointing out fallacies of what your actual cry babies are saying. holy fuck that the pinnacle of bigotry and hypocrisy.

  • Useless fat virgins like ChaoticThinker is the reason why we keep getting shits like this every year. They’re an insult to humanity. Same crappy generic harem with a crappy generic male MC. K-On!, GuP, and now New Game became a success because they didn’t have the same old bland boring generic male MC dickhead.

    ChaoticThinker couldn’t defend this haremcrap so he resorted to bashing yuri and female/lesbian MCs when the argument didn’t even have anything to do with them. Even calling those who like them enouchs. Mind you, we very rarely get actual yuri anime. Just the ones that are yuribait. I’d rather have yuribaits like Amanchun and Hibike than this piece of shit. At least the yuri-killing guys have a real story of their own unlike this anime’s crappy generic self-insert MC.

    And what’s wrong with female/lesbian MCs? Can’t self-insert as a cute girl/lesbian/loli because you’re too worried about your sexuality? Just proves that basement-dwelling fat virgins like you are sexists and lesbian-hating homophobes. Every anime must have a dick as an MC so you guys can self-insert as him to live in your harem fantasy world. You have Free to protect your manhood. Those guys aren’t like your beloved shitty male MC.

    And btw, what the fuck is an enouch? Is that the name of your girlfriend whom you found out she doesn’t have a vagina recently? Fyi, it’s spelled as “eunuch” you dumbass.

      • ChaoticThinker says:

        07:20 You gotta come up with something better than that. I believe in you dickless yurifag. making up shit while ignoring that the same logic can be applied to yurifags is astounding.

      • 07:20

        I think “Eunuchs” how the yuri fag spelled it above are the real one. He can’t stand a male character doing the sex stuff because he wants to know how to do it as a dickless yurifag.

        also looking at all the white zones here, maybe the ass blasted ones are the ones doing the down voting. that dude at least commented with an actual account but the guy up there with his incoherent and inconsistent comment did it “Anon” because he knows he can’t possibly win a debate and as a castrated male who lacks the set of stones on his pants is much easier to target someone rather than properly face him head on.

      • 07:20

        Let me get this straight. when people agree with someone other than a yuri fag “enunuch” i take it he called them. he is doing it himself but when someone agrees with a yurifag is automatically different people?. Isn’t that convenient for you?.

    • @12:08 check your bigotry before attempting to call someone out. you’re guilty of all those things and more. You’re here on a non-yuri ecchi bashing the demographic and now you’re crying victim?. little bitch.

      • and she/he nailed it. I laugh my ass off as more and more guys simply can’t watch anime because it’s a female lead, nothing to do with lesbian or yuri. The only people are butt hurt all those who need to escape reality because their not a chick magnet or a badass, but an wuss. Kissanime has a lot of those types on it’s message boards

    • @12:08

      -Compares K-On, New Game to Masou Gakuen HxH
      -Shames him for apparent sexism but bashes those who prefer male leads.
      -Calls him homophobe but a straight harem scares him/her
      -Doesn’t know if he is fat, Fat Shames him anyway and makes it look like being a virgin is a bad thing.

      With those highlights, Satan himself wouldn’t take you seriously.

    • @12:08 is butthurt that the Ecchi community on Japan prefer male MC as they should since the people who buy the goods figurines, dvds, BDs and other merchandise are all male. You can’t force them to like lesbians bruh!. Put some spit on that assburn of yours. You look pathetic here at the comments.

    • Your comment already fell apart. The MC is far from Generic to begin with. On appearance maybe but personality wise he is growing exponentially with every passing episode. Goes to show you’re talking under assumptions alone. That alone gives the vibe that you’re quite stupid aren’t you.

    • -Comapares New Game, Amanchu and K-On to Masou Gakuen HxH

      Do you even know what you’re doing?. You’re probably an Eunuch. you talk game about arguments but I don’t see one from your side either. you’re throwing up a tantrum in here and from the looks of it. You haven’t even seen how good the MC is getting.

    • Woah! trigger happy eunuch here ranted but I can not make heads or tails of what IT is saying. Hilarious you say homophobe and sexist but you bash MC for being MALES and you’re heterophobe. What’s wrong? Uncle touched your pee pee?

    • I don’t think Chaotic Needed to defend his argument. This series sorta does the job. You’re quite the hypocrite, You not liking males on MC makes you a pro Misandry, You don’t know if he is fat by your logic he you are FAt SHAMING and then using Celibacy? You’re celibate shaming.

      Fix your hypocrisy first Eunuch!.

  • This MC is evolving rapidly. He is becoming a fusion of Shibuya Tatsuya (Irregular at Magic High School) and Ousawa Aktasuki (Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero). Brilliant lewd scenes, I’m hoping for more shine on Yurishia Farandole.

  • So far there is no eunuchs here drooling on the girl on girl action. I’m going to piss on your party though, They’re bi and will be all over the MC dick. Sorry yall gonna have to feel represented by some other lesbian. Try Yurikuma Arashi or the failure of Valkyrie Drive. Eunuchs! LOLOLOLOL

    • Hack./Y

      You’re pathetic. you’re like chaotic over there is saying, Stalking those who enjoy these sort of series. That could make more of a decent argument that you’re the bottom barrel pathetic. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

    • Not really pathetic.

      Well, unless you just don’t think humans should breed as those are simply necessary desires to help that along.

      Rather shallow in the grand scheme of things if that’s ALL that matter to them, but not pathetic.

      • Rather shallow in the grand scheme of things if that’s ALL that matter to them, but not pathetic.

        Nicely said. i dont really watch anime with more “polt” than plot if i wanted to i’ll go watch hentai which seems to be having better stories than most anime these seasons. maybe i would start watching hentai during the day and then anime doing the night… that just might work

        • @05:58 there are so many issues with what your’e saying starting with adaptability of hentai manga vs Ecchi to begin with. secondly we move on into length of the source and then we move to economic factors that separate the two.

          Ecchi are meant to be a cocktease. Hentai isn’t, I don’t know whether I should take you seriously here . Either you’re dense as fuck or your typing drunk here. Anime has different factors and purposes and they’re not about telling stories all the time but highlight those.

        • Fuck up you stalker. If you don’t like this then what the fuck are you here for. People other than you love different type of anime. What give you the authority to judge what other watch.

  • i’m happy for the yuri scene, but it seem like that they lost their faith for this anime, by drawing it poorly. don’t blame them for it. it’s a useless harem with a useless male MC.

  • GIF is all this site is good for. If only there were moderators here. people are killing each other in the comments and most of them don’t even like Ecchi and this site is pretty much that.

  • Man this site is on a sorry state. Whether you like Yuri Ecchi or Regular Ecchi the point is we are the Ecchi community. Fighting onto what’s better is pretty sad to be honest. Anime caters to everyone so why not both, neither side has to like the other just respect.

    People have different taste and we don’t have to approve of them because it doesn’t match ours. have some sense people. As a community we must stand together and respect one another.

    PC gamers and console gamers fight all the time but when games are attacked they stand together.

    • Well people who don’t like ecchi come to troll here which is why Sankaku complex site lack of moderator to avoid trolls is making it just a source for GIFS. It’s pretty sad. Then there is the Yuri fags, They bash those who like a male MC and call them cucks but when they get hit back with “Eunuch” for liking being represented by a lesbian they become triggered. That’s about the grand highlight.

  • It’s kind of pathetic how many stalkers the Ecchi community has on it’s tail. It’s beyond laughable, I mean how much low self worth do you need to have to proclaim to hate something and visit such pages every day just to be pathetic. It’s hilarious, Seriously.

  • It’s kind of pathetic how many stalker the Ecchi community has. It’s beyond laughable, I mean how much low self steem do you need to have to proclaim to hate something and visit such pages every day just to be pathetic.

  • I love this series. Saving Ecchi for 2016, The MC is evolving and has presented himself to be a troyan horse. It’s doing the opposite of what people expect of generic MC. The lewds scenes draw out backstories on a brilliant way. It’s definitely way better than Shinmai Maou no Testament

  • Imagine the doujins that will show the yuri couple licking each other’s V’s and scissoring. And the MC is probably going to try rimming some day now that the redhead sat on his face.