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Man Molests Pokemon Go Woman


The ridiculously revered Pokemon Go has been fingered as the cause of a woman’s molestation, just the type of incident to add to Japan’s staid repertoire of train and teacher related chikanery in years to come.

The 29-year-old victim was playing the game at Tsuruma Park in Nagoya (a common hot spot for Pokemon Go players) when her thighs were forcibly groped by a 49-year-old man, making some question why the culprit would choose such a densely populated area to perpetrate his crime, and with players so conveniently being lured off into the dark wood in search of Poketars.

The man was reportedly sitting next to the victim near the edge of a flower bed when he decided to cop a feel, though it turns out his scheme was a bad one as he was promptly apprehended by the victim’s female friend afterward – just what charges he faces is not yet clear.

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