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Summer Lesson – “You All Know What’s Next For VR…”




Some new footage of the highly anticipated schoolgirl tutoring VR simulator Summer Lesson has revealed more of its breakthrough technology, an event that will no doubt make otaku and hikikomori even more hopeless now that their fictional “girlfriends” are becoming more lifelike.

The new footage, which was streamed via NicoNico:

A release date was initially planned for October 13th on the PS4 (the same day PlayStation VR is slated to launch), but apparently this date is subject to change – a western release however has unfortunately already been denied due to fear of backlash from SJWs intent on stopping any Japanese style appreciation of pretty young feminine girls spreading to the west and threatening the vice-like grip of old, fat feminists on the collective testes of western manhood, shriveled though they may be.

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