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Berserk 2016 More Absurd Than Ever




The latest episode of the legendary Berserk has once again assaulted viewers with some immensely disturbing situations, bound to be amplified further with the show’s less than well received 3D CG – many however are simply happy that the series has at last returned.





































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    • Thing is….. the manga is a totally different medium. It’s a goddamn comic. Nothing’s “ruined” by putting a version of it on a animation medium. If you want the comic, read the comic. If not, watch this. If neither, go back to jacking off to your body pillow.

      • Yes, but it is an adaptation, one that has been done correctly in the past. People have all the right to complain if the quality has gone down and in this case it’s not even subtile. It’s lazy and you can tell the animators and editors were either bad or didn’t care. It doesn’t detract from the source material so you’re right nothing is ruined, but it’s disrespectful and I think a lot of people will agree that it is very un enjoyable.

  • Video games in 2000 had better 3D models than this. And also, they had actual textures and shaders. 2000 Pushing it? Ok then, 2001.

    There is a 2001 game title that has the same quality 3D models as this show. It’s called Runescape.

    Compared to this berserk tv animation, the real-time rendered original halo looks totally like next generation stuff.

  • Why the fuck would they rush the story this much? As if the 2$ worth 3D modeling job wasn’t enough, the storyline’s super ultra mega fast pacing is completely ruining everything. Do they have any reason to rush this shit so much? I mean it’s literally like they’re trying to throw the story out there as cheap as possible skipping as many details as achievable… Why are they even making this if they’re not gonna do it properly?

  • DieHardjagged says:

    I admit it, when i read online that this is pure shit, i was hesitant to watch it.. but i gave it a try and i seem to be one of the very very few who really like it.
    Whenever i begin to watch an episode.. time flys by really fast and when the Episodes done, i simply cant wait for the next one.
    I dont even care if its CGI Animated.. yes the Quality could be a bit better and that Caska isnt dark skinned is also a flaw, but goddamn, at least it continues from the Movies.
    You people should just “enjoy” it, i know you cant like everything, but i suppose you arent really hardcore fans of this Franchise if you cant sit through an Episode.

    • Robert D Viewing says:

      To be fair if something you loved was not only shxt adapted in animation, skipped major parts of the story, and ruins one amazing story wouldn’t you be pissed?

      I havn’t read the manga yet(planning to slowly when I have time to read 30+ chapters a sitting) but I do know from bits and pieces that it is a highly valuable manga and I personally am disgusted they would treat it in such a way.

      The anime is literally milking that it’s berserk(epic story) to excuse the animation(not even toei is this bad).

  • well, its better to have a shitty cgi sequel, than no sequel at all. hopefully one day the will make another 3 proper movies. i actually enjoyed the movies much more than the anime series.

    • No thanks. If given the choice to have fucking shit ruin everything, I would choose not to. That applies to any sequel, IP, remake, etc.

      I like to see stuff improve, not get worse. If it’s going to get worse, it shouldn’t even exist.

      • well, take a look at the early batman movies (prior to bale) for example. they sucked, but it showed that there is a market for it. sooner or later they do it right. same goes for any adaptation. of course it would have been awesome if they did it right with the first try, but thats just unrealistic. i honestly dont understand all this hate. the new series isnt that terrible. its not great, but its still berserk and they didnt change the story or added a jar jar binks. manga readers will never be happy with any adaptation, because you like best what you read/saw first. when you watch an adaptation afterwards, you notice all the differences and yell: thats not how it happened!!! and you start hating it.

      • some people like me, just dont read mangas so yes, im glad that they continued the storyline. by supporting the series, we might get a remake in the future. by not supporting it, its game over. this will be the last thing you ever saw of animated berserk.

        • because. why do some people prefer bookes over movies and other way around? i just dont read mangas. period. i know they had to cut and change content. same goes for the lord of the rings movies and every other adaptation. that doesnt bother me. also its not a delusion, its a fact. the reason they had such a small budget in the first place was, because they didnt get proper investors on board. by showing them that there is a market outside of the manga fanbase, future investors will be likely to spend more money, in hope to earn more. by not supporting the series, you only show them that berserk is a dead horse, not worth investing in. i never played the ps2 game, because it never got released in europe. i loved the dreamcast game though. and like i said, the 90s anime was of very poor quality and im glad they made the 3 movies. the success of the movies was the reason they decided to continue the storyline and release a new game for Q4 2016! which is exactly my point. not a delusion, a proven fact.

        • Why would you not read the manga? You do know that the animes and movies have cut content out right? And supporting a shit adaption while expecting a better on in the future is delusional. The best we had in terms of animated berserk was the 90’s anime and the ps2 game’s cut scenes. It hasn’t gotten any better than that and at this point there’s no reason to believe it will.

    • Is it though? I mean, I’d rather have the (slightly off the mark) cartoon from the 90’s to be in existence than this… cell-shaded videogamy looking shit.

      The first movie was okay-ish, but they are getting worse the longer they go on.

      • they did a much better job on capturing the heart and soul of berserk in the movies, than in the 90s anime imho. as for the new series, i dont mind cgi that much. sure its far from great, but the bigger issue for me is the choppy 10fps animation and sometimes very bad timing/editing. even the music placement is sometimes very weird. the director does a very poor job. but by supporting the series, we might get something better in the future. by not supporting it, we wont get anything anymore.

        • you kidding right? they animated the anime like they didnt care one bit and it got unintentionally funny at some point. even the voice actors threated the whole show as a joke. and dont give me the 90s standard bullshit excuse. there have been a shitload of good animations back in the day. berserk simply wasnt one of them. the movies were much more serious and mature. pacing? too slow. they were worried about character development so much, that they unneededly stretched some scenes. soundtrack? different, but not better. the anime soundtrack matches the games more, but they didnt use it very well. the timing and selection of some songs was just unfitting. they used it way better in the movies, even though it had a different style.

        • WTF are you talking about? The 90’s anime was far better at capturing the essence of berserk than the movies! From the animation to the soundtrack, the pacing, and voice actors. Now it wasn’t perfect but it’s a hell of a lot better than the shit that has been released since then.