Clannad Creator Jun Maeda “Needs Heart Transplant”


Revered Key writer Jun Maeda (responsible for such heart-wrenching classics as Clannad and Kanon) has revealed that he is in need of a heart transplant, a tragic turn of events that many have rather tastelessly been comparing to his other project “Angel Beats” due to the resemblance of the sad circumstances.

Initially checking into a hospital near the end of February, the 41-year-old writer was soon discharged months later after receiving treatment for hear disease (idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy); a month later however, Maeda had tweeted that he would need a heart transplant:

“I’m back from my medical examination. Seems like what the doctors told me before, that I’m going to need a transplant, still holds true. It looks like I can’t go on living with my own heart. It’s going to cost a lot, and for the surgery I’ll need to be hospitalized, which is something I’m so tired of now.”

The legendary writer had ensured his numerous devout followers that he still has long to live and will continue writing, although sadly it seems his own life might no longer feel out of place in one of his works.

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