World of Final Fantasy OP “Hard to Take Seriously!”




A small portion of the OP animation for upcoming chibi RPG “World of Final Fantasy” (as well as footage of the musical theme being recorded) has been unveiled online, boasting its usual cutesy visuals that some watchers have naturally had difficulties taking seriously.

The recording session and a glimpse at the chibi animated OP:

World of Final Fantasy can infatuate with its cuteness come October 27th for the PS4 and Vita, with the west obtaining the RPG 2 days earlier on October 25th.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Square enix trying too hard to gain much needed cash.
    after that joke final fantasy xv(15) that took 10 years to complete and badly effected FF XIII by taking away funds that would have made FF XIII (13) much better. I will be laughing my ass off if FF XV(15) does badly. So now they try out this crap FF ripoff, truth is this style of games are cheap to produce. just like anime style RPG like Tales series.

    Square are so stupid they are not going to release this world of FF on Nintendo New 3DS or Wii U or smart phones where kids play a lot. Thats Square-enix logic for you.

    Even FF7 Remake looks worst compared to FF15.

    A Big Japanese joke.

    • Anonymous says:

      Considering that the 30000 Limited Editions of FFXV sold out within minutes of going on sale, to the point that Sqeenix have promised that they’ll produce another 10000 LE units, I think it’s safe to assume that FFXV won’t do badly.

      But, yeah, ever since the Squaresoft and Enix merger, Sqeenix haven’t exactly been doing very well… I do hope they’ll be getting their stuff together.

    • Anonymous says:

      So far FF7 looks good. We just don’t know how much they expanded the story to warrant a trilogy.
      Let’s not forget that FF7 was artificially long because of outdated game mechanics and technology.