Fuzichoco Drawing Demo Astounds




Graphics tablet provider Wacom have unleashed the latest entry in their “Drawing With Wacom” series, this time featuring manga illustrator Fuzichoco showing off her masterful control of motion functions that will no doubt inspire many to pick up drawing themselves.

The talented artist’s drawing demo:

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  • Damn I bet that baby is expensive as hell! Definitely something that I’ll never be able to afford but then again I think that it would be a waste anyway, since I’m not even half as good as professional artists who use it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seems like a pretty generic way to draw, sketch, lineart, color/shade. She’s pretty good at it tho. But god damn, someone who actually uses the touch controls of wacoms…. I thought that was a myth!

    • Anonymous says:

      But she isn’t using touch gestures… She is panning and zooming the canvas using navigation window with the pen. She was holding her left hand (folded into a fist) on the screen in the first half of the video, but she hasn’t used it to control anything. The program does support multi-touch, so she must not use touch herself! The Cintiq is not her own, all artists use the same one in these videos.
      I was wondering if artists actually use touch, perhaps very few users can find this damn expensive feature useful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just admit you’re impressed, it was a wonderful demonstration. Irony of it though is they are only really using a very small part of the monitor which defeats the purpose of such a large cintiq, but it didn’t stop me from buying mine. Chances are this is not their rig and just asked to use it for demonstration.

    • Anonymous says:

      well she is a manga illustrator and that style is the most common, but also the most efficient and clean way of drawing digitally. what do you expect her to be using an ink pen and paper