Nutaku x Kimochi: “We’ll Create A Platform For H!”


Adult game digital distributor Nutaku has partnered with Kimochi – creators of a downloadable client akin to Steam but focusing on eroge – and revealed that they intend to integrate this “Steam platform for H games” within their game network, a decision that may yet lead to a whole new era of eroge for the west.


Nutaku believes this mutual cooperation will make the distribution of eroge a more convenient process while boasting the same quality of service found in the mainstream, something that eroge enthusiasts will surely appreciate considering the nonstop growth of the genre.


Kimochi’s new client, which will now be known as the “Nutaku Store”, will possess more varied payment options (such as Paypal) and has numerous new features in the works such as automatic updating and currency gifting.

The project is currently in its very early stages, though the mere concept has many eagerly awaiting the implementation of this new “breakthrough” – those curious can download the client via its official website.

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