Train Cop Stroker Busted


An elderly man’s attempts to stealthily stroke the thighs of a sleeping female train passenger ended in his arrest when it was revealed that his victim was actually an off-duty police officer, and none too happy about his attentions at all.

The 68-year-old Kanagawa man was seated next to the soundly sleeping 27-year-old woman when he decided that caressing her legs would be a marvelous way of satisfying whatever urges he felt towards his fellow passengers.

The slumbering woman soon noticed his unwanted affection, and forcefully pinned down her assailant’s arms upon discovery whilst having a nearby witness contact the authorities.

The off-duty officer had apparently been dressed in casual clothing whilst riding the train – groping a uniformed officer probably being too bold a feat even for a hardened Japanese chikan.

The apprehended man soon admitted to his perverse wrongdoings and has been charged with violating a prefectural anti-chikan ordinance.

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