Pokemon Go Devs So Sorry For Late Japan Release


An apology has surprisingly been issued from the creators of the now globally renowned Pokemon Go due to the game’s rather late arrival to Japan, an apology that likely would not have happened for a game of any lesser popularity or revenue potential.

The “apology” video:

The video also handily reminds players to be aware of their surroundings while playing, a sentiment that even the Japanese government has found important enough to share, as indicated by this informational poster published before the game’s arrival:


The nine major points that the poster warns players about:

1. Always protect your personal information

2. Watch out for fake apps and cheat tools

3. Download a weather app so not to be caught out by bad weather

4. Be careful of heat stroke

5. Carry around a reserve battery pack

6. Be prepared with options to contact family members

7. Do not enter dangerous areas

8. Refrain from meeting strangers who ask to meet up

9. Don’t walk and use your phone

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